I see your listed system’s U Factors, in the Architectural Binder, but how do I get the R Value?

To obtain the R Value of a specific NanaWall system, simply divide 1 by the U Factor. This will give you the R Value of the system.

Where can I get the U Factor of NanaWall systems?

The U value of NanaWall systems can be found within the architectural binder section of each system. You can view the binder on our Architectural Binder page.

Can I send in my preliminary project plans for review?

Yes, you may send in your project plans for review. Feel free to send them to design@nanawall.com. A member of our Dedicated Design Team will review and contact you shortly thereafter to discuss.

How can I schedule an AIA Lunch & Learn with my Firm?

To schedule an AIA Lunch & Learn with NanaWall systems, you may send a request to Info@nanawall.com or contact your local NanaWall representative with our handy Rep Locator.

How can I update my firm's product catalog library?

You may request Brochures and Idea Books from our Brochures Page, however, to order or update your Architectural Binder, you may send a request by email to info@nanawall.com.

I cannot find a configuration concept that fits my project, can you help?

Absolutely we can help. We have a Dedicated Design Team that specializes in finding a configuration concept that fits your specific project needs. In fact, many of the current configuration concepts we have available, were born due to a customer’s specific project needs

What type of sill should I use for my project?

When deciding on the type of sill to use for your project, talk with your local NanaWall representative for a recommendation specific to your needs. To contact your representative, use our handy Rep Locator.

Which system will work best for my project?

There are a number of factors that help us determine the best system for your application including.

  1. What City and State is your project in?
  2. How big is the opening?
  3. Is it a ground floor application or a high-rise?
  4. Is it an interior or exterior application?
  5. Is this a residential or commercial project?

How can I get a quote for installation?

Your local NanaWall representative can provide you with a quote for installation. You can get your representative’s contact information through our Rep Locator.

Can Nanawall be used for External and Internal Applications?

Yes, we have systems that can work for both interior and exterior applications.

Can NanaWall meet egress requirements?

A NanaWall system can be prepped for Egress, however, NanaWall does not provide the necessary equipment to meet Egress.

Should I use a top-mounted or floor-mounted system?

The use of a Top Hung or Bottom Mounted system should be determined by either your architect, contractor, or structural engineer. They will be best suited to make a recommendation for your project.

If I don't have a sufficient structural header can I use a floor-mounted system?

Yes we do have bottom mounted systems available, however, we still recommend the use of structural header for the required wind loads of your system.

What kind of header is required for your system?

A structural header is required for Top Hung systems, and recommended for bottom mounted systems as well. To determine the load requirements of your structural header, visit our Installation Manual page.

Can you mount a system on the ceiling?

Although we have a number of Top Hung systems available, a structural header is necessary to carry the load requirements of the system.

Is there a significant price difference between aluminum and wood?

Although there is a price difference between aluminum and wood, with wood being more expensive, it is not significant. In past projects, we have seen a price difference as little as $100.

How do I know how much space I’ll need in a storage pocket for the SwingSlide?

You can calculate the pocket space needed for your NanaWall HSW SwingSlide with our handy SwingSlide Pocket Calculator.

Does each panel have to be locked individually or can the full system be locked at once?

With most NanaWall systems, there is only the need to lock the system at one or two locations. When working with our HSW Trackless system, it would be necessary to lock each panel individually, into place.

I see you have door systems, do you also have window systems?

We have matching window systems available, which are smaller sized versions of our door systems. We also offer Tilt & Turn Windows as an option.

What system has the narrowest Stiles rails?

Our SL45 system has the narrowest Stiles rails, however, it does not have a thermal break. Because of this, it may not be suitable for your climate.

Is your system waterproof?

We have systems suitable for almost any climate you can imagine. Some of our systems would not be suited for inclement weather zones, that would need to be waterproof. We are confident we have a system that will work in your area.

Is your system soundproof?

We do not offer any systems that are fully soundproof, however, we offer a number of systems with STC ratings. With an STC rating of 45, our SL70 is our highest performer.

Can your system use color changing glass/ privacy glass?

NanaWall does not offer glass that can change colors, however, we do offer an option for a white translucent interlayer.

Are your doors fire rated?

No, NanaWalls are not Fire Rated. The can, however, be prepped to meet Egress Requirements.

Can your systems be fitted with security alarms?

Although it may be possible to fit our systems with security alarms, they would need to be provided and installed by a third party, after the installation of your NanaWall system.

Do you have any impact rated doors? - Do you have matching transoms that are also impact rated?

We do have impact rated doors. Our SL73 Hurricane Rated system comes standard with impact glass, and matching transoms with impact glass can be provided as well.

Can I buy your rollers, or any parts, to put on my doors?

Sorry, NanaWall does not sell our hardware or parts. We only sell systems complete, including all parts and materials.

Can I pay with a credit card?

NanaWall only accepts a check or money order as payment. Because ordering a NanaWall system is an important decision, only accepting Checks and Money Orders allows us to ensure orders are placed in an accurate and timely manner.

How can an order be expedited?

Only NanaWall products and systems manufactured in Germany can be expedited. When discussing your project with your local NanaWall representative, let them know you are interested in having your order expedited.

How do I know if a system is still under warranty?

The insulated glass and system rollers are covered under warranty for 10 years, and hinges, handles, locking mechanisms, tracks, weather-stripping or any other NanaWall supplied products, are under warranty for 1 year. If you are unsure whether your system is covered or not, give us a call, we will be happy to let you know.

Can I have NanaWall come out to my job to measure the opening and decide which system would work best?

Although your local NanaWall representative may be able to come to your job site, it is always best to start out with a phone discussion. To find your local representative, use our handy Rep Locator.

Do you have a system as strong as hurricane shutters?

Our SL73 system meets the Miami Dad County NOA Hurricane Requirements. Being that these are some of the strictest standards in the world, we are confident the SL73 will stand strong.

Can I have special pricing since I'm a contractor/glazer/carpenter who wants to resell to a homeowner?

We have programs in place for Residential Builders, email us at Design@nanawall.com for more information.

I sent in a quote request to the rep and there's been no response. Now what?

If you have requested a quote online, or directly from your representative, you can reach us at (888) 411-NANA(6262) to check on its status.

Can an installed NanaWall be adjusted?

Yes, NanaWalls can be adjusted. Our Service Department can assist you in obtaining an adjustment. Call 1-(888) 411-NANA and dial extension 256 to reach our Service Department.

What's the maximum height, length, and number of panels possible with a NanaWall system?

With our Folding Systems, the maximum system height is 12’ h, the maximum system length is 43’ w, and the maximum number of panels possible is 12. With our Single Track Sliding Systems, the maximum system height is 12’ h, the maximum system length is unlimited (our record is 323 feet), and the maximum number of panels possible is unlimited.

Can the doors be used on a boat?

Some of our products may be suitable to use on a boat, however, it will be best to discuss your specific needs with your local NanaWall representative. To contact your representative, use our handy Rep Locator.

Will the Nanawall meet ADA requirements in commercial applications?

With our ADA Saddle Sill, and the availability of Swing Doors, NanaWall can meet ADA requirements.

Do you have a showroom in Hawaii?

We do not have a showroom in Hawaii, but your local NanaWall representative can direct you to NanaWall projects throughout Hawaii.

Do you have representatives in Central America?

We do have representatives in Central America. You can find your representative with our Rep Locator.

What is your "cheapest" door ?

Our lease expensive system may not be suitable for your project and/or location. It is best to get a system recommendation from your local NanaWall representative, who will keep your budget guidelines in mind.

Can I install these doors or do I need to hire somebody?

We have installation directions and information available online, however, we always recommend using a Certified NanaWall Installer. Not only have we worked with them before, using them will increase the warranty on your system by 1 year.

I’m located within your territory, but my project is outside of your territory, can you still help?

Yes, we can still assist you with your project. Contact us at Design@nanawall.com for further assistance.

Who is my sales rep?

Please enter your Zip Code into our handy Rep Locator.

What RAL colors are available?

We offer a variety of RAL colors. You can see which RAL colors we offer HERE.

What are your standard Colors?

We offer over 200 standard colors. You can see our color options HERE.

Can you resend me a copy of my quote?

To get a copy of your quote, contact your local NanaWall representative for assistance. If you do not have their contact information, you can locate them with our Rep Locator.

What type of details can I download? Formats?

We have many types of files available to download in our CAD Wizard. You can download CAD, Sketch Up, and Revit files. For the CAD details, you can download them in PDF, DXF, and DWG formats.

Can you provide 3D or Revit files?

Yes, we can provide both Sketch Up files, as well as Revit Files. Our CAD Wizard can provide you with all the files you need.

Have a technical question related to one of our Revit models? revitsupport@nanawall.com.

What are the lead times on your systems?

The lead times vary depending on system selection and design choices. To see our current delivery estimates, click here.

What is the maximum panel size?

The maximum size possible is determined by a number of factors including system selection, glass choice, and configuration. We restrict the size of panels to ensure ease of operation and durability. Panel heights up to 12’ are possible and nearly unlimited opening widths can be accommodated within certain parameters. Send your design concept to Design@nanawall.com to see how NanaWall best fits into your project.

What kind of Sill should I use?

Because not all sills are suitable for every application and climate, it always best to speak with your local NanaWall representative for a sill recommendation. To contact your local NanaWall representative, use our handy Rep Locator

Can NanaWall work in my climate?

NanaWall makes nearly 20 different systems with multiple glass options so that you receive the best weather protection no matter what conditions you face. With over 100,000 panels installed throughout North America, NanaWalls have performed in snow-covered mountains down to coastal hurricane regions and across deserts.

Do you install in my area?

Your local NanaWall representative can direct you to an independent NanaWall-certified local installer. Please click here to locate your representative.

How much do your systems weigh?

As a general rule of thumb, our systems weigh about 5.5 lbs./SQF. Once your product is ordered, we can provide you with the exact weight of your system.

My project bids soon. Where is my quote?

If you have requested a quote online, or directly from your representative, you can reach us at (888) 411-NANA(6262) to check on its status.

Are your doors automatic?

All of our products are manually operated; however, they operate so easily that they often work in applications where automatic doors were originally considered.

Could you provide me with budget costs?

Budget pricing can be provided by your local NanaWall representative, you can reach them by visiting our handy Rep Locator.

I submitted an online quote request. Why can’t I get my quote right now?

Your local representative is going to review your quote to ensure that you have selected a system that will suit your application and meets your local requirements. Your representative will be in touch with you shortly to go over additional details if necessary and provide you with a preliminary quote.

I’ve left several messages for my sales rep, I haven’t heard anything back

Our apologies for your difficulties in reaching your local NanaWall representative. Email us at info@nanawall.com, and we will be sure they get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do your products come in vinyl?

NanaWall does not have any vinyl doors. You can choose from Aluminum, Wood, or Wood/Aluminum finishes.

How do I get a swing panel not hinged to the side jamb?

NanaWall provides a variety of ways to have swing doors. For folding systems, any odd panel can be used as a primary swing door. For example, if you had 9 panels and you wanted the center panel to operate as a swing door, then you could use 4L5R and the fifth panel from the right would be a swing door.

The HSW60 single-track sliding system can have an “incorporated swing door.” This makes it possible to convert an intermediate sliding panel into a swing door with a simple operation.

I have Anderson doors. Can you match the color?

Although we can match other company’s colors, there is an upcharge associated with this, as well as in increase in the Lead Time.

Is the frameless system weatherproof?

Our SL25 NanaGlass system has small gaps between the panels so it is not weatherproof. Because of this, it should only be used for non-conditioned areas and interior applications. When used as an outer-shell as in a glass house or patio enclosure, it can provide an added layer of thermal protection for your home.

What are your standard sizes?

NanaWall custom manufactures all of our products so we have no standard sizes. We do have different size chart requirements for each system to ensure durability, ease of operation, and overall performance.

Can I use different types of glass on the same panel? Can I use a combination of glass and solid material on the same panel?

Yes! Using a horizontal mullion to divide the panel will allow you to accomplish either. Using a translucent matte glass on the bottom and then a clear glazing on top is one way that you can maximize your natural light while maintaining privacy.

There isn’t a showroom in my area. How can I see the doors in person?

To view NanaWall projects in your area, contact your local NanaWall representative. They may be able to direct you to some local commercial projects with good public visibility so you can see a NanaWall for yourself.

Do you deliver to my location?

NanaWall can deliver throughout North and Central America. To locate your nearest representative, please click here and he or she will best be able to explain the process for obtaining and installing a NanaWall System in your area.

Is there a screen of some type that can be used with your product?

Yes, we offer the NanaScreen to coordinate with any of our operable systems.

I just bought a home, and I think I have a NanaWall. How do I tell?

The best way to tell if you have a NanaWall is to look at one of the handles. If the handle says Solarlux or NanaWall, it is most definitely a NanaWall. If there are no identifiable markings then take a couple photos of your system and send them to Info@nanawall.com for assistance.

I would like to check the status of my order.

To check the status of any order, call 1-(888) 411-NANA. Dial extension 255 for Order & Delivery Status.

I see mainly folding doors on your website. Do you have pocket doors?

NanaWall makes several single-track sliding systems that can be stored in a storage pocket or parking bay. Click here to see some animations of the diverse stacking configurations available with these systems.

Do you have CAD details I can add to my drawings?

NanaWall does have a CAD details available through our CAD Wizard assist you with detailing your final plans. You can also access the appropriate CAD details for your project directly from your quote.

What does thermally broken mean?

Because aluminum conducts heat and cold, it is often necessary to separate the outer and inner aluminum with a “break” that will stop the conduction of temperature. NanaWall uses a polyamide thermal break for our insulated systems to provide the highest level of weather protection.

How do you keep people from breaking in?

Each folding or sliding panel is individually secured with a two-point locking mechanism that can be operated only from the inside. Swing doors have multi-point keyed locking that is accessible from both sides to provide maximum security and ease of use.

NanaWall Systems are tested for forced entry AAMA 1304 and ASTM E 330 testing standards.

Do you sell solid panels?

Solid inserts can be used in place of glass.

Do you sell direct, or do you have dealers?

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible price, NanaWall only sells direct—we do not operate through the use dealers. We do, however, have local representatives to assist you with pricing, technical assistance, and logistical support.

What is the warranty on your products?

NanaWall has a 10-year warranty on rollers, and against any insulated glass seal failure. The glass and rollers comprise the most essential functional and visual aspect of the system. All other components are covered by a 1-year warranty that increases to 2-years if you use a NanaWall-certified independent installer.  NOTE: Glass breakage is not covered under warranty

I’ve seen your product, and it’s what I was looking for, but how much does it cost?

Because we custom manufacture nearly twenty systems, each appropriate for a different kind of project, it is difficult to give accurate pricing information without going over your design needs in detail. For more specific cost information, please contact your local NanaWall representative.

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