Wild Walls: The Perfect Location to film “The Perfect Host”

NanaWall glass folding doors in the perfect host

“The Perfect Host” is a quirky film starring David Hyde Pierce. It starts out with a bank robber at an immaculately thrown dinner party, but steadily loses its grip on reality, as both main characters become a little psychotic. The majority of the film takes place at an exquisite Los Angeles home: 2409 N Vermont Ave.

The modern residence uses folding doors to create an open-concept floor plan and integrate the indoor space with the outdoors. Both the living room and family room open onto a pool and a backyard with stunning landscaping. The first large opening has 4 panels and the second has 3 panels with the NanaWall SL45 aluminum folding system. The NanaWalls are visible throughout the film, since the crazy robber and the even crazier host spend a majority of the film in this stunning $1.5 million home.

We would watch “The Perfect Host” just to see the NanaWalls, but apparently, it’s a pretty good psychological thriller too.

Photography by Michael Andrew McNamara

Photos from 2409 N Vermont Ave

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3 Responses to Wild Walls: The Perfect Location to film “The Perfect Host”

  1. Jon says:

    I believe this home was also recently featured on HGTV’s “Selling LA.” Could be mistaken, but looks like the same home.

  2. nanawall says:

    Yes, you’re right! This house was featured on episode 7 of “Selling LA”! Thanks for pointing it out :)

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