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The red dot on the size chart to the right shows your height and width selection within the allowable size and configuration.
English (d'd d/d" d:digit )Inch Only Metric (mm)

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Imperial input format: d['d[ [d/d]"]]

Imperial examples:

  • Enter 8 = 8 feet;
  • Enter 10" = 10 inches;
  • Enter 10 3/8" = 10 and 3/8 inches;
  • Enter 8'10 or 8'10" = 8 feet and 10 inches;
  • Enter 8'10 3/8" or 8'10 3/8 = 8 feet, 10 and 3/8 inches;

Metric input format: [d]

Metric examples:

  • Enter 1000 means 1000 mm;
  • Enter 10900 means 10900 mm;




Rail & Stile
Normal profile-No triple glaze
With 3 1/6" thick profile-No single glaze; Floor mounted only
With 3 13/16" thick profile-No single mounted
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Top Mount
Floor Mount
Type of Sill
Raised Sill
Low Profile Saddle Sill




Choose your stacking options below using the images to the right. L = number of panels to the left, R = number of panels to the right (looking from the inside).


The following options affect price and MUST be selected. Choices marked with an asterisk (*) represent an upcharge.







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