Certified Installers

Our certified installers are also our service technicians for any on site issues whether under warranty or afterward. All systems supplied have replacement parts available, if needed.

All opening requirements and surrounding conditions must be ready and meet the NanaWall supplied drawings before the trained installer arrives. Installers can review the openings before installation to ensure accuracy and verify all opening requirements have been met. Upon completion, the trained installer will ask to have a check off list completed. This is the perfect time to learn about the operation of your new NanaWall.

NanaWall helps installers through continuous education to make sure they are up to date on all of our 20 different systems. The training process includes passing a rigorous hands-on course for both folding and sliding systems. The course is provided by NanaWall’s own Jack Jackson, who has personally installed over 200 NanaWall projects, and takes place at our manufacturing facility in Richmond, CA. Mr. Jackson also provides periodic site visits to make sure installations meet our high expectation. Jack’s vast experience ensures your NanaWall will be installed right, on time and hassle free.

A benefit using factory trained installers is the basic warranty of your new NanaWall is doubled. However, if you chose to install NanaWall yourself we will help with manuals and phone support as needed. Please contact NanaWall direct or your local Sales Rep to receive information needed. The NanaWall Team can recommend the best installer based on your project requirements. Many areas have both commercial and residential trained installers.

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The approximate weight of a panel is the following:

Tempered Single Glazing: 4 - 4.5* lbs/ft2
Insulated Tempered Glazing: 5.5 - 8* lbs/ft2
Tempered Triple Glazing: 6 - 8.5* lbs/ft2
* The higher values applies to taller units

Single Impact Glazing: 8 lbs/ft2
Insulated Impact Glazing: 11 lbs/ft2

The vertical structural deflection of the header should be the lesser of L/720 of the span and 1/4" under full loads. Structural support for lateral loads (both windload and when the panels are stacked open) must also be provided.

For floor mounted systems (SL70, SL73, SL82, SL60u, WA67u and WD66u, please note that there is no vertical load on the header).

It is recommended that all building loads be applied to the header prior to installing the NanaWall. If so and if a reasonable amount of time has been allowed for the effect of this dead load on the header, only then can the building's live can be used to meet the above requirements of L/720 or 1/4". If not, both the dead and live loads needs to be considered.


Please see the Installation Instructions / Owner's Manual for each system.

NanaWall Systems, Inc. has independent, factory trained installers throughout North America, including Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and Central America. Choosing a trained installer ensures the best possible installation of your new NanaWall. Having folding or sliding walls installed has never been easier.

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Our opening glass walls are German engineered with superior quality designed to preform year after year with minimal issue. But, should the need arise—don’t worry—we have the parts, a dedicated service department, and independent field technicians to handle any issue.  Please contact our Service Department at service@nanawall.com