Gunster Law Office

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West Palm Beach, FL





Case Study:Gunster Law Office

Penetrating Views and Private Spaces

As architectural goals, transparency and confidentiality would seemingly be at odds, but the conflict can be resolved elegantly with high-STC glass walls, including opening glass walls, from NanaWall Systems. 

When the Gunster law firm decided to relocate their Miami office, they picked a space with a stunning view of Biscayne Bay. They wanted that sumptuous view in the heart their office—the reception area and large conference rooms—and they wanted that space to serve both private meetings and larger social gatherings.

Design firm ASD/SKY met the challenge in a way that integrates the specific physical requirements perfectly into the client’s conceptual goals: to project an image of a forward-thinking law firm, create a sense of openness and transparency, yet provide the secure sense of confidentiality that legal clients expect.  In addition, ASD/SKY was able to fashion a flexible space that can be used for private, confidential meetings, or easily converted into a much larger room suitable for receptions and social events.

The solution was to employ literal transparency, liberally. Conference rooms line the perimeter ringing the reception area. Full-height exterior glazing is matched by full-height interior glass – movable and fixed wall systems from NanaWall—that bring both light and those stunning views into the interior. The reception area enjoys the same views as the conference rooms that fully surround it.

“How do we give them transparency but give them privacy as well?  I think we could only have gotten to the level we need with the NanaWall.”

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