Best Interior 2018

Architect: Antonio Rebelo, Grimm and Parker Architects

As collaboration is becoming ever more an integral part of architectural practice, we at Grimm and Parker decided to increase the amount of meeting rooms in our flagship office, as part of our most recent interior office “refresh” renovation, completed in May 2018. The main challenge was to reconfigure the existing space without modifying the overall organization of the studios and the main circulation zones. So, demolishing the existing office space and starting over with a tenant fit-out from scratch was not an option both from a budgetary as well as an organizational point of view.

Our most popular open space in the office, a large room measuring 1,100sf affectionately called “Charrette” space became one of the spaces envisioned for subdivision to include a new virtual reality lab and meeting room (see plan below). However, the permanent installation of a wall to create the new space was not ideal, since we also wanted to keep the flexibility to use the “Charrette” space as it always was – open! A Nanawall movable glass wall partition became the ideal solution for our challenge.

After the decision to install the movable glass partition system, an all glass, frameless system was preferred to complement the rest of the existing fixed glass partitions everywhere else in the office. The theme for our interior renovation was the preservation of the natural environment and a celebration of Maryland’s natural unique features. All the finishes complemented the theme and all meeting rooms were named according to special natural habitats.

A seven panel single track STC 36 sound rated frameless opening glass wall - PrivaSEE was selected as the ideal system. The frameless glass panels also allowed for a better installation of a privacy film that we custom designed to represent one of the most majestic Maryland’s natural habitats – the Chesapeake Bay!

"We are proud to say the Nanawall system has helped make our space that more special and is one of our office renovation’s most celebrated elements."





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