Most Unique 2018

We wanted a cellar to showcase a few hundred bottles in our home but wanted to keep the footprint small and ensure that the cellar was as energy efficient as possible.

The first challenge was space. The room we chose had high ceilings and we had about 12 feet of width to work with but is only 3 feet deep.

That depth gave us enough room for bottles to be stacked on the wall 3-deep but would leave little to no room (if we had gone with a standard glass panel) to enter the cellar to access the bottles.

The Nanawall SL80 allowed us maintain nearly unobstructed views of the bottles while easily folding out of the way when we needed to add or remove bottles.

The second challenge was energy efficiency since the cellar is located in a primary living space that is kept warm while the wine inside the cellar needs to be kept at a constant 55 degrees.

The Nanawall system has allowed us to maintain the optimal temperature inside the cellar despite a 15 to 20 degree temperature differential between the inside and the outside of the cellar. With the ceiling mounted cooling unit only running about 10 minutes every hour.

With Nanawall, we were able to transform 36 square feet of floor space into a beautiful 500 bottle energy-efficient temperature controlled wine cellar that has become the focal point of our living space.






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