6 Featured Projects of 2012

By , January 3, 2013

Another year gone! 2012 is behind us, what an eventful year it was. In case you missed it, below is a wrap up of the 6 amazing projects that were chosen as NanaWall’s featured projects of 2012 - #NanaStyle! It was fun writing about them, so much to talk about each project. At the same time it was quite difficult to even choose these 6. We photographed of some of the most amazing projects this year, and a lot of them! To complement that, our website photo gallery just went HD! Check out our new photo gallery to be awed and inspired! We have added something like 50+ new projects in 2012 – all in HD. This includes projects that weren’t showcased in 2012, such as restaurants, hotels, golf/country clubs, banks, auto showrooms and much more! Head there to see some familiar names of restaurants, stores, stadiums and hotels you may frequent! Back to the 6 featured projects of 2012, really, each one deserves to be showcased in a better manner than a blog. Perhaps a case study? Or its own dedicated eBook or Idea Book? What do you think? Until then, below is a recap with links to all 6 projects. Note that there is no importance in the order which they are listed or were presented:

  • Sewickely Pool House: An amazing project that featured the award winning HSW60 window/door combination. Full size panels and window size panels, all in one opening.
  • Starbucks Coffee: A Starbucks in a metro station that used an ingenious design to overcome retail space constraints.
  • The Big Shrink: This New York Times featured home was downsized to more than half its original square footage. See how they did it!
  • U.S. Cellular Field – Chicago White Sox: The HSW60 segmented wall of 125’ completely disappearing on game day. You can’t even tell it was there to begin with!
  • Mill Valley Residence Pavilion: This Mill Valley residence is one of the first in the US to utilize the NanaOutdoor Room – an outdoor room where the glass walls can completely open.
  • Actelion Office: Who wouldn’t want this to be home for their offices?

Not happy with our decisions? Think we got it all wrong? Want your project to be featured in 2013? Comment below or email us at nanastyle@nanawall.com.