A look back at IBS 2017 in Orlando

By , January 24, 2017

The International Builders Show (IBS) took place in Orlando, FL earlier this month. Here's a look back at our highlights.

Two New Launches:


We introduced ClimaCLEAR, a frameless opening glass wall that is engineered for weather protection. This all glass single track sliding wall is the first to be tested and rated for air and water infiltration, and structural wind load! Patented panel interlocks help keep the weather out.


Designed specifically for our products, our integrated shading system controls sun exposure, provides privacy and gives you complete control over how you would like to keep your shades: fully open, fully closed and/or partially open.

Captured above, the panel on the far left has its shades fully open, far right is fully closed and the middle panels have the shades partially open from the top to the bottom. The shades can be partially open from the bottom up as well giving you countless options on how you can shade your home.


Must See Products:


Nominated for Best of IBS, PrivaSEE has an STC of 36 and is the perfect product to use when you want the best of both worlds: a frameless, transparent glass wall that provides sound privacy. PrivaSEE has a better sound buffering than many fixed glass partitions, making it transparent but private!

cero by NanaWall

Our minimal framed large panel sliding glass wall that is simple in form but engineered to perfection. Clean, uniform and ultra-thin lines provide maximum light to connected interior and exterior spaces. Take a look!


A special thanks to all of those who gave us these amazing social shoutouts!