The Architect's Choice!

By , April 23, 2013

The architect’s choice goes to NanaWall Systems! Residential Architect, a magazine dedicated to “covering the best” and “leading by example,” has presented the architect’s choice award according to architect Sebastain Mariscal of Sebastain Mariscal Studios to NanaWall Systems! Mariscal has worked on two residential projects in California in which he struggled to use the vast interior space and the extended outdoor patio space at the same time. His strong urge and dedication to find something to connect the two large spaces lead him to NanaWall Systems where he was introduced to the folding glass wall system and the single-track sliding glass wall system, which he used in his La Jolla project and his very own home. "With our projects, we constantly pursue connection to the outside... With [the La Jolla Residence], providing a continuous indoor/outdoor experience where the house opens completely to the outside without delineating a boundary was essential. We prefer to use technology and building systems in a way that expresses the fundamental qualities and make up of a space while providing superior performance. NanaWall’s Single Track Sliding System facilitated some of the most important goals of the project and became an exciting feature of the design of the main living spaces," says Mariscal. NanaWall offers clean-lined glass panels that glide effortlessly in the same plane with concealed hardware that can match any architectural style. At NanaWall, we believe that each residence is unique and each system is custom tailored to exacting specifications to fit any residential opening. By creating a now-unified living space through merging the outdoor/indoor space, we’re glad to have assisted Mariscal in making his vision come true!