Create Your Own 3D Model

By , November 21, 2013

SketchUp, used by architects, graphic designers, engineers, game developers and even filmmakers, allows design professionals to sketch two dimensional models and then transform them into three dimensional designs with simple editing tools. You can watch your designs come to life by adding real-life visual information such as shadows (dependent on the season and time of day selected in an exact location), nature, objects, and people etc to create an interactive environment around your drawings. The latest SketchUp video created by igloo studios demonstrates how to incorporate a NanaWall system into your SketchUp designs. By using the dynamic components feature, the exact dimensions and configurations are available for each of our systems!

Watch the YouTube video below, download the free or paid version of SketchUp, create your model with a NanaWall system, and share your designs with us via Twitter (#NanaWallSketchUp) or Facebook (@NanaWall)!