Events: Vlogging from inside the NanaWall booth at IBS 2012!

By , February 15, 2012

Were you unable to make it to IBS 2012 in Florida last week? Don’t worry; we will provide you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what you missed in the NanaWall booth! We did some video blogging for the first time, or “vlogging” as it is commonly referred to – for those of you couldn’t make it out to see our latest product enhancements firsthand. The following clips were taken in the NanaWall booth during the show. Please excuse the sound quality, you can tell how busy it is at the booth by the amount of background noise in the videos! The first video demonstrates the ease of operation experienced with a NanaWall operable wall. Watch Video “Hi, Matt from NanaWall here. I'm going to show you how easy it is to open our 10 foot, Florida rated, SL70 folding door system."

Matt proceeds to push the 10’ high doors open with just one finger. Did you know that even if dirt and debris get trapped in the floor track, a NanaWall will operate just as smoothly? In the second video, Matt places a pencil in the floor sill to represent debris and prove that it won’t affect the roller technology in the slightest. Watch Video "What we have here is our uniquely designed roller system. It has stainless steel wheels and encapsulated ball bearings. It rides a stainless steel track above the sill and water line. You can see here that even putting a pencil representing dirt and debris, the roller system will glide smoothly on top.” One of the most popular NanaWall systems at IBS 2012 was the SL82 folding system. With its stunning edge-to-edge glass, it's akin to a giant folding iPhone! Matt says, "Apple and NanaWall have something in common. The Apple iPhone: top to bottom glass, the NanaWall SL82: top to bottom glass." Click here for a comprehensive summary of the product enhancements featured at the IBS 2012 NanaWall booth, including larger panel sizes with SL70, Florida product approval for the HSW60, panic hardware, dynamic glass and more. Would you like to see more video blogs - or vlogs - in the future? Leave us your feedback.