Everything is Better in the Bahamas

By , July 12, 2012

I recently traveled to Eleuthera, one of the off-islands in the Bahamas. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Crystal-clear water with shades of deep blue, bright turquoise, and pale acquamarine. Sand that’s soft and white with little flecks of pink in it. Lush green foliage everywhere. The entire island is one long strip, about 100 miles long and 2 miles wide – with both the calm Caribbean and wilder Atlantic seas on either side.

There isn’t a lot of commercialization on the island. It’s surprisingly undeveloped, leaving the natural beauty of the island unspoiled. There are a few fishermen’s villages where you come across friendly locals, but at a majority of the beaches we visited, we rarely ran into other tourists. But even with the relatively little development on the island, there are NanaWalls in Eleuthera! The Sky Beach Club resort used NanaWalls for their modern bungalow style residences, as did the Eleuthera Island School on the southern tip of the island. It’s because the locale and climate are ideal for operable glass walls. They can be kept open all day, allowing in natural breezes and gorgeous views, and are durable enough for seaside elements. If the outdoors is always nice, why not always let the outdoors in! If you’re the adventurous type and prefer to stay somewhere without the usual crowds and hustle bustle of a large-scale resort, Eleuthera is the perfect tropical destination. There’s so much to discover – the miles of pink sand beaches, secluded coves, and the underwater world of snorkeling and diving. I love that we got to swim with wild dolphins, and the assortment of sea creatures we encountered, from schools of colorful fish along the coral reefs to beautiful conch shells and starfish found along the shoreline. [gallery link="file"] What is your favorite tropical destination? Leave a comment below!