Happy 4th!

By , July 3, 2013

The Cloud Club at the Charley Creek Inn located in Wabash, Indiana reopened three years ago after restoring the original 1920s Inn. The ninth floor, featuring a rooftop pavilion and green roof with multiple panels of NanaWall systems, provides astonishing views of the historic downtown district while practicing sustainability. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), green roofs remove heat from the air, reducing temperatures and energy use. During the winter seasons, the vegetated rooftops collect rainfall and filter pollutants. Directly aligned with the Charley Creek Inn’s goal of creating a sustainable rooftop, the NanaWall operable glass wall systems provide energy-efficiency and seamlessly connects guests to the outdoors while creating a unique and memorable experience. Perfect for hosting weddings, meetings, dinners and social gatherings of all types, the glass-enclosed pavilion stands strong in its commitment to being environmentally conscious. American made, the NanaWall Aluminum Framed Thermally Broken SL70 used in this project has an astragal design that provides a strong and weather resistant barrier during the winter months. Available in various configurations, the SL70 can be used in openings up to 43 feet wide! 

Open or closed, the NanaWall system’s open views allow anyone in the pavilion to see the American flag waving on this July 4th.