Inspiration: Move Your Kitchen Outdoors with these NanaWalls

By , August 12, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice to have an outdoor kitchen for backyard barbeques or patio parties? Or better yet, to be able to move your entire kitchen outside on sunny, summer days and pleasant evenings. You could enjoy fresh air and natural lighting while preparing food, with a kitchen island or countertop to serve drinks or as additional seating...

Belvedere Kitchen Transition

Actually, it is possible! Owners of this Belvedere, CA home used the NanaWall Kitchen Transition, a custom window-door combination that opens instantly to create an outdoor kitchen. The window system creates an outdoor countertop, while the door system allows a seamless transition to the patio. The use of this system doubles the owners' entertaining area and allows easy access to the kitchen from outdoors! The NanaWall Kitchen Transition is a great alternative to building both an outdoor kitchen and an indoor kitchen. The window system and the door system operate separately, but meet to create openings as large as 36 feet wide. When the NanaWalls are open, the entertaining space of the kitchen expands, flowing into the outdoor area. When the NanaWalls are closed, the high-performance system provides secure weather protection and durability in climates from California to the Rocky Mountains.