Introducing WhiteOUT™, Your On-Demand Visual Privacy Solution

By NanaWall Systems, June 21, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen, and all interested parties: innovator of innovators that we are, today we are pleased to share with you our latest creation, WhiteOUT™.

WhiteOUT™ is the first individual panel frameless opening glass wall system to provide visual privacy on demand.

Using the best dynamic glass available, WhiteOUT™ offers instantaneous opacity and transparency at the touch of a button. The completely wireless system easily transforms from translucent to white, and back again via remote control.

Enjoy the visual consistency and privacy of WhiteOUT’s frameless, all glass system without having to spend money on costly nuisances such as drapes or shades.

While in opaque mode, the uniformity of the all glass system allows it to serve as either projection screen or whiteboard as needed, making it a truly multifunctional product.

WhiteOUT™ is perfect for commercial applications, particularly offices and conference rooms. Operation of the system’s incorporated swing doors does not interfere with glass activation.

When not in use, panels can be stacked aside for flexibility and to connect spaces. WhiteOUT™ is also compatible with our RemoteSTACK feature, which means that panels can be stored virtually anywhere - including closets, hidden parking bays, or areas that might otherwise simply be dead space.

Watch our video to see WhiteOUT™ in action:


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