Jay Z and Beyonce's 400k a Month Vacation Rental

By , September 26, 2012

The king and queen of hip hop, Jay Z and Beyonce spared no expense when taking a lavish vacation this summer with Baby Blue Ivy. They plopped down $400,000 for a one-month vacation rental in the Hamptons! Yes, $400,000 to RENT the home for ONE MONTH! Let’s take a closer look at why this celeb-worthy property is so expensive. The Sandcastle is developer Joe Farrell’s private residence – originally on the market for $59 million. The 12-acre estate is large even by Hamptons standards, estates of this size are a rare find nowadays. The 39,000 sq ft house offers Beyonce and Jay Z plenty of privacy and space to entertain guests. It has an on-site recording studio for the couple, and although she’s not walking yet, a rock-climbing wall and massive heated outdoor pool for Baby Blue. Some of the other amenities include:

  • 2,800 sq ft master suite
  • Tennis, basketball, and racquetball courts
  • Virtual golf course
  • Bowling alley
  • Spa Facility
  • Home theater room
  • 8-car garage
  • NanaWall system opening onto outdoor pool and kitchen (our favorite part!)

Before you go judging the celeb couple for spending so much on a one-month rental, keep in mind that this home was previously rented for $500,000 for just two weeks! That’s the highest rent ever paid on a Hamptons home. Cheryl Mercuris, single mother and divorcee from Florida, wanted to stay in the Hamptons in the hopes of snagging a billionaire husband. Looks like Beyonce and Jay Z got a great deal on the Sandcastle!