Myth # 2 - Do Folding Doors Leak Air and Water?

By , December 21, 2011

As promised, this week we will continue exposing the truth, and discredit another popular myth about NanaWall. Myth # 2: NanaWalls are not weather resistant I can't stress the amount of times people have asked me, "Does NanaWall leak more air and water than a traditional sliding door?" or "Do the doors rattle in the wind?" For many, the word bi-folding conjures up images of flimsy door systems, like vinyl closet doors that fold open. They imagine atrocities like water seeping through where the panels meet during a rainstorm. They don't realize that NanaWall glass panels are engineered for use in the most demanding environments. Continuous testing shows NanaWall exceeds industry standards for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural performance. In fact, the SL73 system is both AAMA hurricane and Miami-Dade approved, for use in hurricane-prone areas like Miami-Dade County in Florida. The SL70 system is ideal in high-rise commercial projects, for structural performance against strong winds .

The owners of this home in Rocky River, Ohio experience extremeley harsh conditions. "Winter on Lake Erie is brutal. Last year the NanaWalls passed the test. Hail and 60 mph winds left homes along this lake front with severe window damage. The NanaWalls came through without a scratch." High winds and hail are nothing compared to a missile. The SL73 hurricane system is tested for missile impact at Architectural Testing Inc (ATI) in order to gain Miami Dade approval. At ATI, where requirements at the lab are the strictest in the country, glazing manufacturers can independently test their products for performance. NanaWall has spent 18 years there doing independent testing for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural performance. Do you live in a hurricane-prone area? Share your NanaWall experience via our Facebook or Twitter.