Myth # 3 - Overhangs Optional

By , December 29, 2011

Over the past few weeks, we’ve established that contrary to popular belief, a NanaWall is not only suited for warm climates and that it does meet and exceeds air, water, and structural testing requirements for most areas. We demonstrated how well they perform in extreme weather conditions, like high altitudes, below freezing temperatures, and hurricanes. This leads us to our third myth, also based on the misconception that operable glass walls are not durable or weather resistant. Many builders erroneously believe that a roof overhang is required to shield NanaWalls from wind-driven rain and snow.

At an 8,000 ft elevation,this restaurant uses Nanawall glass panels with no overhang

Myth # 3: Large Overhangs Optional In my opinion, overhangs are ugly and unnecessary. We use large windows and lots of glass to bring in sunlight and capture dramatic views, only to block them with overhangs. Contractors abiding by standard building practices typically install an overhang wherever there is a door, but an overhang is NOT a requirement with NanaWall folding systems.  The performance results for water penetration are exceptional without one. For example, a NanaWall system with a raised sill meets Miami-Dade County’s overhang requirements, the strictest in the nation - without an overhang! The high water penetration ratings allow the raised sill to be an excellent substitute for an overhang in the hurricane-prone region of Florida. It can certainly be a substitute elsewhere. Overhangs are used for a number of reasons, mainly because they protect doors from moisture and condensation. With a NanaWall, you don’t need the overhang because the raised sill provides a weather-resistant seal that exceeds industry standards for water penetration and air infiltration. No overhang means architects have greater design freedom. Think large glass openings with no obstructions and buildings with sleek modern lines. Architects have fewer constraints, they have the freedom to use an overhang on south-facing windows for solar shading if they choose, or they can forgo it all together for greater visibility. Do you have a NanaWall with no overhang? Share your photos via our Facebook or Twitter.