NanaWall Doors Face-Off in Battle Against Hurricane Sandy

By , November 12, 2012

Two weeks ago, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record wreaked havoc across the Northeastern United States, including heavily populated areas like Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey. The raging storm caused power outages, flooded streets and subways, and worst of all – caused property destruction. Our heart goes out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, whose life grinded to a halt for a couple of days. Those who experienced no electricity or transportation, dangerous trees and power lines falling everywhere, and terrifying winds whirling outside. And especially to those who experienced lasting damage as their neighborhoods were destroyed and their homes and cars demolished. On a more positive note, we have heard of instances where NanaWall helped our customers fare well against Hurricane Sandy. Customers shared stories of how their wall of NanaWall glass came through without a scratch against severe wind and rain. They experienced no problems with water infiltration or high winds up to 75 mph. In a series of upcoming posts, we will share each of these experiences with you – so stay tuned!

Were you stuck in Hurricane Sandy? Tell us about your NanaWall system’s encounter with the storm and how it affected you.