New Products: A Disappearing Act

By , November 17, 2011

Architects are always asking, is it possible to hide the panels somewhere when you open a NanaWall? One of their top priorities is clean design lines, for a sleek appearance. This calls for minimal tracks, concealed hardware, and pockets to store the glass doors. All of the above are possible with the HSW60 SingleTrack system, an excellent option for commercial facilities. For example, it doesn’t need a floor track because it’s fully supported from up above. And an incorporated swing door for quick entry and exit, located anywhere along the chain of panels, disappears along with the rest of the panels.

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In this video, a woman opens what appears to be a storage closet, and pulls NanaWall panels out from behind it! The large panels slide across the room, and interlock to create a secure barrier between two rooms at Columbus Commons. As an event facility and play space for children, the indoor playground can be easily secured when not in use. And when children are running around the indoor playground, the panels are stored in the closet, creating a clear 34' wide opening.