NFL Sundays, Matt Hasselbeck, and NanaWall..

By , August 14, 2012

It’s still summer and most people are not thinking about football yet. On the other hand, the pre-season NFL games have already started and some of us are getting pretty excited. NFL football season is set to begin soon – at the beginning of September. We’re looking forward to lazy football Sundays, eating nachos and racking up points on our fantasy team. Speaking of football, let’s see what quarterback Matt Hasselback has to say about NanaWall. The Tennessee Titans quarterback, best known for taking the Seattle Seahawks to the SuperBowl Finals in 2005, has a house on Lake Chelan, WA. His amazing property on the lake has two openings with NanaWall operable walls. Hasselbeck takes us on a tour of his fancy crib: “We love our Pacific Northwest style home, designed by me, my wife, and our architect. It has an open feel to it, with timber frames that were brought in from Canada. The doors are called NanaWall doors and they’re awesome! They’re real sturdy and they just slide open and slide shut. They’re real easy to use and close and give you an [airy] feel when you just leave everything open.” Do you have a favorite football Sunday tradition? Have you come across an NFL crib that tops Hasselbeck’s? Leave us your feedback below!