Not Only Does the Roof Disapprear but so do the walls!

By , April 17, 2013

Union Restaurant located in Minneapolis, MN features a one-of-a-kind unification between a HSW NanaWall sliding glass door system and a retractable roof to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining experience! Due to the unpredictable Minneapolis weather—which changes from the harsh winter snow to the summer sunshine—the challenge for CEO Tam Kalebi included finding a solution that perfectly adheres to Mother Nature. According to CBS Minnesota, when asked about the retractable roof, Kalebi says, “It’s the real deal — and it actually works. It’s breathtaking. I mean, when you’re there — the height, the views and the way the space came together, it’s just going to be a fantastic dining experience — nothing this town has ever experienced.” And of course, with a retractable roof, having walls that disappear are a must to achieve the full outdoor experience. The NanaWall HSW sliding glass doors unique design and flexibility to work with any architectural concept is what truly completed the indoor/outdoor experience for Union Restaurant and played a large role in achieving Kalebi’s vision. NanaWall Systems’ superior engineering not only ensures unsurpassed durability and energy efficiency in all-weather environments but also creates the “WOW factor” that defines and distinguishes the truly unforgettable experience at Union Restaurant.