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We spend almost 90% of our time indoors yet we may not know that the air quality is often poor and unhealthy. According to the United States EPA, residential indoor air pollution can actually be a bigger health risk than the pollution found in the air around industrial areas. Maintaining good air quality in your home protects you and your family from irritating pollutants and potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon.

As stated by the EPA, if too little outdoor air enters the home, pollutants within the home built up to levels that pose health and comfort problems. Construction of today is often so “tight” that outdoor air has no way to “leak” into the home and often causes environments with high pollutant levels. The solution to this is through controlled ventilation. Outdoor air enters the home through 3 means: natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and infiltration.

Learn more about indoor air quality from the EPA.



NanaWall opening glass walls contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of building occupants in numerous ways. When closed, the energy efficient panels provide a secure, comfortable, and light-filled environment. When open, they provide fresh air ventilation and an enhanced lifestyle. Now, using NanaWellness technology and their NanaWall, homeowners can better measure and manage their indoor air quality for a healthier home.

  • Typical heating and cooling systems tend to just re-circulate the pollutants. Opening standard windows, although helpful, often are only mildly effective at improving air quality.
  • Having a NanaWall extends living spaces while taking advantage of surrounding landscape, views, and natural daylight thus fostering a healthier lifestyle. It has long been suggested that connecting with nature lowers stress and promotes psychological well-being.

  • The NanaWellness system measures temperature, volatile organic compounds, humidity, noise, ambient light, and barometric pressure; and then reports its findings on an easy-to-read user interface from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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