Olympic-Sized Pools in Honor of the 2012 Olympics

By , July 23, 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics are approaching fast; they start this Friday July 27th. Since the Olympics only come around every four years, here are a few reasons why we’re excited about it

  1. To hear stories of participating competitors and emerging champions. Like runner Guor Marial, who is competing under the Olympic flag because he doesn’t have a country. After spending his childhood hiding in caves, he eventually fled his war-torn country and arrived in the United States as a refugee. Despite having little hope at one time, he is now representing hope for the country of South Sudan, if not officially.
  2. The opening and closing ceremonies – they’re bound to have theatrics and performances to impress, as the Britons attempt to out-do death-defying stunts pulled in Beijing four years ago. The games will also be packed with music talents and Britain’s top bands.
  3. Seeing the athlete’s dedication, all of them striving for success in sporting events from gymnastics to weightlifting. The country pride and their tears of disappointment are reminders of how much they sacrifice in order to train for the Olympics.

In honor of a favorite Olympic sport (swimming!), here are a few fabulous pools with NanaWalls. Makes us wonder what the athlete's training pools are like…