Reaching High with EcoHabit

By , July 24, 2013

Hoboken, New Jersey , an ideal college town for students with countless food options, a beautiful view of NYC, and an ideal private institution, the Stevens Institute of Technology. Well-known for engineering, management, and science programs, it’s only natural that the university formed a team to compete in the 2013 Solar Decathlon hosted by the United States Department of Energy. Engineering management graduate Corey Favaloro and current CyberSecurity student Marcelo Acevedo are both a part of Team Stevens, which will showcase their home EcoHabit in October. Competing in design, energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, EcoHabit will be featured amongst 19 other homes. “The goal behind the Solar Decathlon is to inform the public of the energy saving opportunities in house construction and to show them that it’s possible, and it's not as expensive as it is generally thought. It also gives us students some on hand experience with energy-efficient home construction, which is great since we’ll be the ones tackling the energy issues of the future” says Acevedo.

This is the second time Stevens Institute will be participating in the competition but according to Favaloro he’s confident that they can finish first this time around. He continues to say that “the Stevens Team is dedicated to creating a truly innovative house that utilizes the most cutting edge advancements in green technology with the purpose of revolutionizing renewable energy technology and sustainable living practices” including a NanaWall operable glass wall system. In order to achieve energy-efficiency the custom-made NanaWall system will be located near the dining room and the living room to bring in natural lighting. Favalloro says, “NanaWall fits in perfectly with our product by filling our house with plenty of natural sunlight, so there is less of a need to waste electricity by having lights on in the main living space.” He concludes by saying, “We are very pleased with the decision to use a NanaWall system, as it is one of the best features of the house.” With over 60 committed and hardworking undergrad and graduate students, EcoHabit is coming along with standards set high. You can follow their latest project updates on their Facebook page at