Thursday Thank You!

By , June 6, 2013

On behalf of NanaWall Systems, we would like to thank Courtney Gnash and Katherine Rittenbach, authors of the blog post below, for giving NanaWall Systems a special shoutout! The Stevens team will be featuring their home, Ecohabit, at the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California this October. They are using multiple NanaWall operable glass wall systems to achieve energy-efficiency and to create a winning sustainable home.

Sponsor Shoutout: Nanawall Systems By: Courtney Gnash and Katherine Rittenbach There is nothing more beautiful than rays of sunlight spilling through the windows of your home on a crisp morning, with the sun rising and bringing about a new day. NanaWall Systems, an operable glass wall manufacturer, helps bring this breathtaking image to Ecohabit. The team behind NanaWall has donated its incredibly innovative product to our home, and will help the home feature natural light by taking advantage of California’s temperate climate. The NanaWall glass wall is not only elegant and energy efficient, but also breaks an indoor/outdoor barrier by creating a seamless transition between the two spaces. Our customized NanaWall operable glass wall system measures 9’2” across and 6’10” tall and is Energy Star approved, hurricane approved, and weather resistant. The NanaWall system is also sound-resistant, making it free of noises that can penetrate an otherwise calm environment. The aluminum profile is made from 25% recycled content and has eco-friendly finishes available. The NanaWall system is located between the living room and south porch. The primary benefit is natural ventilation with temperate California air. Due to the warm climate of Southern California, the NanaWall can be opened completely during the spring, summer and fall months. During gatherings with family and friends, the NanaWall folding glass wall system can also be opened to expand the available space from the living room to the porch. In the colder months, the closed NanaWall is insulated, and has a high thermal resistance to keep heat in the home. Additionally, the NanaWall provides natural light and passive solar heat to the living room and kitchen during the day, eliminating the need for energy-consuming luminaries and space heaters. Since 2005, NanaWall systems have been featured in eleven different Solar Decathlon homes as well as Hudson River Park and Mets Stadium across the river in New York! The Stevens Solar Decathlon team began construction of Ecohabit in April of 2013 and on behalf of the entire team, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to NanaWall Systems and all of the representatives who made this donation possible. We hope to continue working with the company toward our common goal of environmental education, integrating green engineering into everyday life.