Tips and Tricks: NanaWalls Are Not Difficult to Operate

By , January 4, 2012

Long before I became familiar with NanaWall folding and sliding door systems, I worked at a store with a sliding storefront. To be honest, my impressions were not very positive. Although opening up the entire storefront was wonderful, the panels were very difficult to slide open and the opening was 10’ wide at the most. They used one of those multi-track sliders, where each panel is carried by the adjacent one. You start out pulling one panel and end up dragging the weight of three 8’ tall glass panels. It was often frustrating to operate the panels on a daily basis and I can see why others would expect the same from a NanaWall, but they could not be more wrong!

Myth # 4: NanaWalls Are Difficult to Operate

NanaWall panels are engineered for smooth operation. Although the dimensions are custom-made, height and width limitations exist to ensure that the weight of each panel allows minimal effort no matter the number of panels being operated. The folding walls can be operated single-handedly, while the sliding walls glide smoothly along a single track, each panel operated individually. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Boise State University’s stadium features the largest single NanaWall opening at 325 feet wide. Watch all 98 panels slide effortlessly out of the plane of the opening, for natural ventilation during football games in warm weather. Watch Video