Tips and Tricks: Stunning Aesthetics on First SL82 Install in Canada

By , October 13, 2011

Clean design lines. Edge-to-edge glass. Views of Downtown Vancouver. Natural sunlight and fresh air. The SL82 structurally glazed folding system is a sleek and elegant folding system with a transparent “all-glass” look, to minimize stiles and maximize views. The panels fold to the side for a clear wide opening. The first SL82 installation in Canada looks gorgeous already and the project is not even complete – only the NanaWalls are in – which is why the certified NanaWall installer submitted this “in-process” photo.

Although he’s installed quite a few other NanaWall systems before, the certified installer is eager to see the outcome of his first SL82 project! Did you know that using a NanaWall certified installer for your installation doubles the warranty on your NanaWall? In general, certified installers do higher quality work, because they have more experience. They have been trained to work with the product, and have done similar installations countless times. It eases the headache and problems you may face with a regular contractor, like having to find one, or the project not being completed on time!