What Is He Doing Behind That Glass?

By , October 8, 2012

Chase Brock actually crawled underneath these panels for a photo shoot. He wanted to clean them from the outside, but couldn’t access them because the balcony railing is flush against the doors.

What Chase didn’t realize is that there is a much easier way to do this! The hinge pins on top-hung panels can be removed for easy cleaning. Simply sliding the hinge pins out (as demonstrated in the photo below) allows the bi-folding panels to open for easy access to both sides of the glass.

Our removable hinge pins are designed for easy cleaning, especially in high-rise applications. Had Chase known this, it would have saved him a little bit of adventure and a lot of time! Learn from his mistake, everyone. *Removable hinge pins are available on top-hung inswing SL60 and SL35 models