Wild Walls: The Interesting Ways People Find Us

By , January 30, 2012

Laura Johnson from Calgary, Alberta says, “Love It or List It” is one of my favorite TV shows. Anyone else watching it? It’s a pretty clever blend of house hunting and home design, with a dynamic duo competing to please the homeowners. The designer (Hilary Farr) renovates the home hoping the family will love it enough to stay, while the real estate agent (David Visentin) tries to convince them to purchase a new house. I love Hilary’s design approaches, since I’m always interested in learning new ways to renovate. On a recent episode, Hilary knocked out an exterior wall and replaced it with a “glass wall system”. The family could open up the entire wall of glass and have complete access to the outdoors. As a Canadian, I’d never seen anything like this before. Intrigued, I watched the show credits and googled NanaWall Systems. On their website, they not only had pictures of residential outdoor, but residential interior projects, like the one below.

Since then, I’ve been working with Ray, my local NanaWall sales representative, on installing a unique indoor operable wall to increase heat flow in my incredibly open concept home. It’s pretty cool that I saw something I loved on TV and actually end up with one! It’s definitely rare to take the ingenious concepts you see on design shows and turn them into reality.