Wild Walls: Living Quarters in the Shop

By , November 10, 2011

Plenty of people set up shop in their place of residence, but how about actually living in a shop? The idea of a store-slash-home, with living quarters above the storefront, has been around forever. However, Stacia Garriott Kass did a modern take on the concept, restoring an old rundown grocery store into the shop she's always wanted, with a three bedroom apartment for the family on top. Kass sells Midcentury modern, vintage home furnishings at her store, Sojourn. The merchandise is comprised mainly of beach-house finds that are sophisticated enough for use in city residences. A mix of "rustic, industrial, primitive, and chic," both the furniture and the restored building resemble each other. It took Kass 20 years to finally achieve her dream of opening her own store. She and her husband searched for the perfect location for their family retreat and the store, and found a rundown building that was a grocery store 50 years ago, in desperate need of a face lift. Kass commissioned her friend Julie Fisher from FC Studio Inc, one of the most sought-after architect firms in Chicago, to redesign the building. They worked together to create a modern and industrial aesthetic, with a vintage and rustic feel. The completed structure is gorgeous, with a hemlock and yellow-painted brick facade, and a 21 foot wide opening with NanaWalls. The neighborhood store is now the focal point of the small-town it is located in. Right off the freeway, passersby can tell that the store is open for business, when the large operable wall is open. The 21 foot wide opening to the store has seven glass panels of NanaWall's SL70 folding system, with a dark bronze aluminum frame.

Full article in Michigan Avenue magazine: http://michiganavemag.com/living/articles/earthly-delights