Tips and Tricks: A Buyer's Guide to Folding Door Systems

Let's say you've decided to replace your traditional sliding doors with one of those folding door systems you’ve seen on HGTV. But you don't know much about folding doors, so it’s hard to figure out where to start, or how to differentiate between them. What features should you focus on when finding the right operable glass wall system?

Events: NanaWall - The License to Thrill

 This year’s annual NanaWall sales meeting was held Bond Style – James Bond Style. Titled “NanaWall: The License to Thrill,” the conference was held from September 23rd to the 25th, for three days of rep interaction, seminars, and discussion panels. The NanaWall representatives traveled to California from all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada for the meeting, to share ideas, experiences and some good laughs! Tour of local houseboat community in Sausalito, CA:

New Products: Window Shopping Redefined

Retailers face competitive pressures almost every moment of every day. Amidst constant advertisement and information overload, their storefronts must capture consumer attention at a single glance. Particularly for outdoor shopping venues, eye-catching window displays entice pedestrians to enter a store.

Schools & Education: Introducing the Flex Space Solution

Teachers often wish their classrooms were larger, with more storage space. Unfortunately, they can’t magically increase the size of their classroom. But the “Flex Space” concept comes close, allowing optimum use of limited floor space in schools.