New Products: A Disappearing Act

Architects are always asking, is it possible to hide the panels somewhere when you open a NanaWall? One of their top priorities is clean design lines, for a sleek appearance. This calls for minimal tracks, concealed hardware, and pockets to store the glass doors.

Wild Walls: Living Quarters in the Shop

Plenty of people set up shop in their place of residence, but how about actually living in a shop? The idea of a store-slash-home, with living quarters above the storefront, has been around forever.

Office Trends: The Most Tech-Forward, Versatile Meeting Space in San Francisco

The Grand Hyatt hotel in San Francisco just underwent a $70 million renovation, including a complete restoration of the meeting facilities at the hotel. $14 million of their budget was spent on creating the “most tech-forward, versatile meeting space” in San Francisco, and Grand Hyatt chose NanaWall for their project.