Installation Considerations

Installation Considerations

The approximate weight of a panel is the following:

  • Single Impact Glazing: 8 lbs/sqft
  • Insulated Impact Glazing: 11 lbs/sqft
  • Tempered Single Glazing: 4 - 4.5* lbs/sqft
  • Insulated Tempered Glazing: 5.5 - 8* lbs/sqft
  • Tempered Triple Glazing: 6 - 8.5* lbs/sqft

* The higher values applies to taller units

For the HSW75, FSW75, CSW75, PrivaSEE, and ClimaCLEAR systems the weight of a panel with 1/2" glass is 8 lbs/sqft. 

For cero II the approximate weight of a panel for double glazed is 10 lbs/sqft and for double glazed laminated is 12 lbs/sqft.

For cero III the approximate weight of a panel for triple glazed is 13 lbs/sqft and for triple glazed laminated is 15 lbs/sqft.

The vertical structural deflection of the header should be the lesser of L/720 of the span and 1/4" under full loads. Structural support for lateral loads (both windload and when the panels are stacked open) must also be provided.

For floor supported systems (SL70, SL73, SL82, and SL60u, please note that there is no vertical load on the header).

It is recommended that all building loads be applied to the header prior to installing the NanaWall. If so and if a reasonable amount of time has been allowed for the effect of this dead load on the header, only then can the building's live can be used to meet the above requirements of L/720 or 1/4". If not, both the dead and live loads needs to be considered.