Best Residential 2021

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Project: Larsen Fine Homes

Products: SL60, HSW60, cero

SL84 Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Wall

The project was a complete renovation of an extremely dated contemporary 4,000 sqft beach house into a new warm-contemporary luxury home. The house has a “U-shaped” floor plan with the legs of the “U” facing away from the ocean and with a pool/spa courtyard in the center of that “U”.

The general design challenge was to open up both the home’s living space and the pool courtyard to the beautiful ocean and beach views. This was done by installing 4 different Nanawall systems:

  1. A large 9-panel HSW60 system with two 90° corners opening up the main living room to the ocean.
  2. A large 5-panel SL60 Bi-Fold system facing the pool courtyard.
  3. A large 3-panel CERO system with automation opening up the dining room to the ocean patio, firepit and BBQ area.
  4. A 2-panel CERO pocketing system in the Master Bedroom facing the ocean.

The project was a "down-to-the-studs" renovation with minimal added footprint but all new finishes, features and of course the Nanawall systems.

Install an extremely complicated structural steel system into existing framing for an opening-wall system facing ocean (Nanawall glass panel system opens 100% to the ocean, including around two 90° corners with NO CORNER POSTS). An important part of this system was the “parking bay” for the 9 large glass panels to hang when system was open.

A bi-folding Nanawall system, also with structural steel support, opens to pool courtyard.

This allows the protected warm pool courtyard area to be opened to and through the main living space and on through to the ocean when the ocean-facing system was also opened.

The 3-panel CERO system at the dining room opened it up to include the outdoor living space with the firepit, BBQ and outdoor seating.

The pocketing master system allowed for more wall space for art and furnishings.