Best Conversion

Location: Portland, OR

Homeowner: Bryan Scott

Designer: Zenbox Design


My wife and I quit our jobs 2 years ago in search of a happier way of life and more connection to the outdoors. We purged all of our belongings and loaded what was left along with us and our dog into our 1967 VW bus and drove south to Mexico and Central America looking for a simpler life.

A funny thing happened along the way. We missed home. We started longing for place to call home and a place to nest in between travels. Something that would still allow us to live simply and that wouldn’t worry us when we catch the travel bug and take off for weeks or months at a time. We also started longing for easy and frequent showers...but that's another story.

"The two car garage that had never been used for more than storage and a makeshift rock climbing wall could actually be our perfect home!"

We moved back to our hometown of Portland, OR and hopped from home to home. We housesat as friends needed and tried a few rentals. Most were too big for our current needs and none felt like home. Nothing fit our lifestyle and nothing came close to providing the connection to the outdoors we had grown used to. For the past year when we wanted to let the outdoors in all we had to do was swing open the cargo doors on our van and it seemed we were both outside and in. We missed that connection.


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