The Ideal Solution for Supermarkets

More Value for you and Your Employees

Floating in a transparent (all-glass) or a framed version allow sliding pivot doors to their staff a faster feeding system of the refrigeration units. This can be unlocked and pushed to the side with simple hand attacked the rotary wing a displacement of the doors is possible both individual axes, as well as over the entire width. For you and its staff, the large opening of the refrigeration unit means a saving of time in the feeding system or cleaning.

Making Shopping Easier for your customers

By simply opening the hinged doors, the customer gets to the desired goods. High visibility handle fittings ensure a user friendly handling. The all glass revolving doors provide customers with maximum transparency and a good overview of the product range even with the doors closed.

Sustainable Action and Energy Consumption

Reducing open cold stores have a high energy demand, as they lose their coldness directly into the room and so constantly need to be post to achieve the desired temperature. Glazed Display Cases meet their demanding to sustainable, eco-logical act at the same time pleasant sales room temperatures.