Durability is the New Sustainability

Built to Last, Products by NanaWall Systems Contribute to Sustainable

CORTE MADERA, Calif. July 31, 2013 - Today's trend towards sustainability contradicts the notion of planned obsolescence, a practice in which a product is poorly designed from its conception to require future replacement. If a product is built to last, it has less impact on the global waste stream and benefits the consumer from having to replace and repurchase. The opening glass walls designed by NanaWall Systems embody this concept that "durability equals sustainability." Engineered for both residential and commercial use, NanaWall opening glass wall systems provide a sound economic and environmental investment while redefining the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

"NanaWall opening glass door systems are built to last, and some of our units continue to work as well as when they were installed more than 25 years ago," said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. "Our commitment to building quality products pre-dates the sustainability movement, and we're pleased that the durability of our units help architects, builders, and their residential and commercial customers enjoy products with a longer life cycle."

The durability of each NanaWall opening glass wall system is built into the unit from its onset. NanaWall opening glass wall systems feature multi-point locking entry doors, as well as tamper-resistant, dual-point locking rods between panels to ensure each system meets or exceeds all forced entry testing for commercial-grade door panels. The systems' built-in adjustment and compensation points also ensure continued ease of operation if building settlement occurs.

Features of the Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Single Track Sliding System HSW60 include long-lasting brass rollers and a thermal barrier to provide increased strength, superior energy performance, and years of reliable usage. The swing doors of the HSW60, Aluminum Framed Folding Systems SL45 and the Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Folding System SL70 have been tested and meet industry operation standards for half million opening and closing cycles. Many of the glass wall systems are independently tested for air infiltration, water penetration, structural performance and forced entry.

NanaWall Systems' products demonstrate that consumption can be sustainable without the sacrifice of aesthetic appeal. NanaWall opening glass wall systems function to create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, and are also precision engineered to last-giving architects, builders and homeowners peace of mind for years to come.