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Family Loft Living

ZeroEnergy Design

Built in the 1990's, the loft was ready for updates. ZED transformed the space, creating a fresh new look and greatly increasing its functionality to accommodate an expanding family within an urban setting.

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Historically Smart

Distinction Magazine

Drew presses against the ceiling-high glass doors in his new kitchen, using his whole body to slide them open. It’s called a NanaWall, a brand of folding accordion glass doors that when open provide a smooth transition to his new backyard, which includes a hydraulically powered movable deck and overhead pergola.

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The Bridge House: Bridging Sustainability, Flow and Functionality

Qualified Remodeler Magazine

The trick with designing a remodel is to know how far to go. Architects, builders and contractors all face this when given the challenge of trying to meet a client’s expectations on a budget. Functionality and flow were at the heart of the programmatic re-design.

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Gnar House: Former Lift Operator Packs Home with Quirky Features

Tahoe Quarterly Magazine

If Jeff Spicoli—the epitome of Southern California surfer dude in the quintessential ’80s film Fast Times at Ridgemont High—grew up, got married, became a family man, and stood at the helm of a visionary design and branding firm that he founded, he might be Rob Wells.

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Fishcreek Woods: Embedded in the Forest

Mountain Living Magazine

Homeowners who love the beauty of Jackson Hole without the bustle sometimes gravitate to the more remote western side of the valley. That’s where, in the late 1990s, one couple bought a cabin on several sloping acres in the Teton Range foothills and then, a decade later, replaced that deteriorated, cramped space with a new, more spacious home to serve as a personal retreat where they could also welcome family and friends.

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