For more information on compatible hardware, contact the following companies:

Hoppe North America

205 East Blackhawk Drive
Fort Atkinson, WI  53538

Phone (920) 563-2626
Fax (920) 563-4408


540 DeHaro Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone (415) 864-0273
Fax (415) 864-2068


55 Ferris Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone (718) 625-1900
Fax (718) 625-1930

Hewi Inc.

2851 Old Tree Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone (717) 293-1313
Fax (717) 293-3270

Omnia Industries, Inc.

P.O. Box 330
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Phone (800) 310-7960
Fax (973) 239-5960

Rocky Mountain Hardware

1030 Airport Way
Hailey, ID 83333

Phone (888) 788-2013
Fax (208)788-2577

Valli & Valli (U.S.A) Inc.

150 E. 58th, 4th FL
New York, NY 10155

Phone (877) 326-2565
Fax (212) 326-8816



Please note that most of the catalogs of the above companies do not show matching window handles. As these handles are not common usage here, they are not stocked in the U.S.. However, as most lever handles do have matching window handles available in Europe, matching handles can usually be specially ordered.

Use Of Handles and Escutcheon Plates From Other Suppliers

Although availability may be restrictive and limited, other compatible handles and escutcheon plates can be used in place of the handles and escutcheon plates provided with the units. If other escutcheon plates are planned to be used, Nana Wall Systems must be notified when placing an order.

With Multi Point Locking with Latch, Deadbolt and Top/Bottom Locking Rods

In place of standard lever handles on the swing panel, any European specification lever handle with an 8 mm (5/16”) spindle can be used.However, only escutcheon plates with the following specifications can be used:

The base width must be less than 1 1/4" (32 mm).

The distance between the center of the spindle hole and the center of the lockset must be the European standard of 3 5/8" (92 mm).

For escutcheon plates that are attached with screws from the inside to the outside, the trim plate length must be such that the distance between the center point of the two screw holes is at least 7 7/8" (200 mm).

With Two Point Locking

Inward Opening Units:
In place of standard handles that operate the two point locking, any European specification window handle with a 7 mm (9/32”) spindle can be used, provided that the rosette base is less than 1 1/4" (32 mm). Note, however, that the folding stack may not be as flat a stack as with NanaWall standard handles.

Outward Opening Units:
In place of standard handles that operate the two point locking, only a European specification window handle with a protrusion of less than 3/4” (19 mm), with a 7 mm (9/32”) spindle, and with a rosette base of less than 1 1/4" (32 mm) can be used.