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Contractor/Builder Success Stories

Skullcandy HQ

Coordinating on a commercial project with a local glazing contractor for success

A Pro Perspective

A construction pro's personal residence and why NanaWall made sense using screens and floor-supported technology

Certified Installation Services Are Available

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“We needed a quality aluminum/glass wall to create two distinct worship areas. Usually the NanaWall remains closed, but at busy times of the year, the wall can be opened to combine the nave and chapel into one large space.” 

“NanaWall transitions the inside to the outdoors beautifully and transparently. During the winter, we close the large glass walls and enjoy our snowy views without worry of any draft or moisture inside.”

"Our NanaWall system was installed in the late 90's, but it is by far the best performing and least problematic of all the door systems here at the Skirball Cultural Center."