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NanaWall is pleased to provide BIM for its folding glass walls and sliding glass walls. The ingenuity behind NanaWall engineering makes any project stand out, and the lightweight yet comprehensive design of our Revit families makes it easy to design with NanaWall in Revit. We’ve compiled many of our unique wall systems for Revit to serve as a starting point for your project. From there, your imagination is the only limit. The flexibility of NanaWall design enables us to adapt to any design requirements to achieve your vision, so you can use the NanaWall BIM Library as a springboard for exceptional creativity in your projects.

You can download all of NanaWall’s BIM content, including Revit families, AutoCAD blocks, SketchUp models, IFC files, ARCHICAD models and Bentley models below. You can also find the NanaWall BIM Library and technical documents on BIMsmith Market. With an unparalleled commitment to performance, ingenuity, aesthetics, and flexibility, NanaWall is ready to help you redefine architectural possibility in your next project. Get started downloading BIM for NanaWall today.

Even More Revit & AutoCAD Details

In addition to the Folding Glass Walls Revit and AutoCAD models shown below, available are over 6,000 more specific models. Please go to the CAD/ Revit Wizard. Select system, the direction of opening, number of panels, configuration, type of sill and glass thickness. Models are based on a nominal 3’ x 8’ panel dimension.

In addition to the two Minimal Framed Sliding cero Walls models shown below, available are 14 more in our CAD/REVIT Library.
More cero II Revit models

More cero III Revit models


Revit, Archicad, and Sketchup Support Videos