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does nanawall systems, inc. provide on-site service/repairs?

No, NanaWall is a material supplier. Service work/repairs are performed by regional independent factory trained and certified service technicians. Please Contact Service for your service representative’s contact information.

where can I find the installation instructions or owner's manual?

View Installation Instructions/Owner's Manual

Can I order additional or replacement parts for my NanaWall Products?

Yes. Most NanaWall replacement parts are readily available online. Order Online Some parts are less common and can take some time to produce. Please Contact Service and have your Order Number, Project Name or Project Address and/or any photos of the NanaWall you may have available

How do I know if a system is still under warranty?

The insulated glass and system rollers are covered under warranty for 10 years. NOTE: Glass breakage is not covered under warranty. (View Warranty) If you are unsure whether your system is covered or not, give us a call, we will be happy to let you know.

Can an installed NanaWall be adjusted?

Yes, NanaWall products can be adjusted. Many Product Owner’s Manuals go over adjustment. For additional help, please contact the NanaWall Service Department and we can assist you in obtaining an adjustment. Contact Service

I can't get the deadbolt on my swing panel to latch. what do I do?

The standard multipoint locking system on NanaWall swing panels is a high security lock. This system does require the handle to be lifted, after the panel is in the closed position and prior to turning the deadbolt thumb-turn or key cylinder. Please refer to the instructions in your Owner’s Manual.

what do I do if my panel catch is sticking and won't release the panel?

Most commonly this can happen if the panel catch gets dirty or if there are any oils on the catch. Simply take a dry paper towel and wipe the catch down, no need for any cleaners (careful not to leave oils from your hands on the catch). Less commonly this could mean that the NanaWall system is out of adjustment. If this is the case, please refer to your Owner’s Manual or contact your installer to schedule a maintenance visit.

How to identify the panel when requesting inquiries on panels or glass?

A NanaWall unit is read from the inside looking out from left to right.

My glass broke... now what?

The standard glass for most NanaWall systems is Tempered glass (you may have laminated or impact). Tempered glass is stronger than plate glass or annealed glass thus reducing the risk of breakage; however even tempered glass can break. A pane of broken glass is easily remedied. Please Contact Service with your order information and we will get you the glass sizes and/or a quote for replacement glass.

My order was delivered, but there is transport damage. what do I do?

Please accept the delivery of the product, NanaWall guaranties to make your product whole. Please take photos of the damage and the barcode label that is on the damaged item(s). Then email them with your order number to the Service Department and we will get everything sorted out for you.

Can I change the configuration of my nanawall system?

Not all, but many systems can be changed; however, this is a very complicated process. Please Contact Service for options and information.

How often should my nanawall system(s) be serviced to keep up the maintenance?

All NanaWall products need regular maintenance to ensure that all components are functioning smoothly and properly. Minimal usage units should undergo and inspection and adjustment at least once a year. For high usage units, inspection and adjustment should happen at least twice a year. If damaged components are found, have them replaced immediately to avoid further damage to your product.

I have noticed some corrosion on some of the stainless steel hardware on my NanaWall system how can I remove it?

The surface build up on all NanaWall Stainless steel hardware is generally due to the harsh environment or the lack of maintenance. Please see the attached PDF that explains the nature of the stainless steel hardware as well as the cleaning process.

Care of Stainless Steel Hardware


My bottom roller has broken. What may have caused this to happen?

The structural header may have deflected and/or the system is not properly adjusted. Either of these scenarios can cause the head track to come down, thereby putting pressure on the bottom rollers. If the panels are then forced, the rollers can catch on the screw heads installed in the sill channel, resulting in breakage

Why is the handle on my folding panel just spinning or stuck in place? I am unable to open or lock/unlock this panel.

There is a channel in the top and bottom track that has space for the locking rods. When locking the door it is imperative that the door is lined up correctly, allowing the locking rods into their proper place (the channel). If not lined up properly the locking rods will get stuck, at this point you will feel resistance when turning the handle, and if continued force is applied when not lined up properly the internal locking mechanism will fail.

My glass has suddenly shattered. Nothing hit it. How could this possibly happen?

This is known as Spontaneous Glass Breakage. The cause can be any of the following for tempered glass: nickel-sulfide stones in relation to varying temperatures, damage to the edge of the glass as a result of installation/handling, building or framing system movement, inadequate engineering, etc. There are many variables at play. Feel free to contact our Service Team to discuss this matter in greater detail.

My glass has a crack.

This can be the result of a thermal stress fracture caused by the uneven distribution of the sun due to an overhang or the use of blinds/curtains. For example: part of the glass is kept cool in the shade while another portion is subject to sunlight and heat.

Do you accept purchase order for replacement parts?

No, we do not accept purchase orders. Payment must be received in full to place your order.


Recommended Maintenance 

Some General Considerations on all Projects

1. It is important that the product is installed correctly. A poorly installed unit will not function properly. This will cause more abnormal force or stress on the components and will lead to premature failure. When operating the unit, the panels should generally be able to be moved easily by one person (except when there are very large panels or when there are more than 6 panels folding to one side). All locking points should engage smoothly. There should be no rubbing on the floor and no binding. When the unit is closed, the reveal between panels and head jamb and between panels and sill should be consistent. There should be no daylight seen from the inside. Please have all problems corrected as soon as possible by a qualified technician.

Additional Resources

Contact Service

Many answers to common questions can be found under the FAQ section above. For more detailed information or if you have specific questions about your project, you can contact the NanaWall Service Department via email:

or via phone:

Call NanaWall 1-800-873-5673 ext. 256. Please note that you should have your job specific information available when contacting the NanaWall Service Department. Any one of the line items below will help your Service Technician to locate your job specific information. Here is an example of information to have ready:

1.  NanaWall Order Number

2. Original Project Name & Project Address

3.  Original Purchaser’s Name

4.  Product Model Number & Configuration & Project City/State

NanaWall Service Team:

Solomon Stutzky – Co-Service Department Manager – Ext. 211

James Mann– Parts & Service Specialist– Ext. 232

Yani Ortiz – Parts & Service Specialist – Ext. 285

Rizwan Jelani - Parts & Service Specialist– Ext. 238

Muqbil Murad - Parts & Service Specialist – Ext. 296

Service Hours of Operation

The NanaWall Service Department is open Monday – Friday from 7am PST to 4:30pm PST