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Unmatched German Engineering

We distribute in North America from Panama through Canada in an exclusive agreement with our strategic German partner, Solarlux. As the single source for all design and components, we achieve quality and master craftsmanship that off-the-shelf providers cannot. Operating ISO9000-certified factories in both the US and Germany also helps shorten lead times. 

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How Engineering the Exceptional Works

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Direct Sales without the Middle Man

nanawall showroom

No layers, no third-party mark-up, no passing the buck. We stand by our systems with a North American direct-sales business model so you can buy direct. Choose from 22 local NanaWall showrooms or meet with a dedicated architectural sales representative. Plus we remain accessible throughout the sales cycle, with certified service and installation representatives. 

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We’re All About What’s Next

Leadership means developing ever-improving solutions through constant innovation. We’ve done just that with products and projects way ahead of their time – from the first hurricane-approved folding system, the patented SwingSlide solution, and the first structurally glazed edge-to-edge glass system, to the operable double-skin façade of the ComfortOffice. You’ll never hear the last of our firsts. 

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