10 Must See Beach Houses with Residential Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, June 30, 2021

residential glass walls in must see beach house

Want to optimize your waterside home experience? Throughout the Eastern and Western coasts, oceanside homes leverage residential glass walls to elevate the experience of living near the water. From heightened views to the indoor/outdoor experience, these easily operable systems offer transparency without sacrificing performance and security. With patented technologies and weather-resistant features, residential glass walls are the ideal design solution for homes that seek to extend their homes to the outdoors and optimize seaside living. Let’s take a look at our top ten beach homes that maximize their breezy location with these flexible design solutions.

Top Ten Beach Homes with Residential Glass Walls

1. Optimized Views and Fresh Ocean Breeze

residential glass walls in oceanfront home

Perched atop a hill off the Southern California coast, this beachside dwelling highlights the best of oceanside living. NanaWall SL45 folding glass wall systems offer uninterrupted sightlines to the Pacific Ocean, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Imagine opening those easily operable panels and having the beach readily available at all times!

2. Industrial Modern by the Ocean

folding glass walls systems in beach house design

This Virginia home features picture-perfect views of the Atlantic Ocean. Floor to ceiling, aluminum-framed fenestration gives off an industrial feel to an otherwise nautical aesthetic. NanaWall SL70 folding glass wall systems open the home to a nice fresh breeze—not to mention the ideal choice due to the water’s proximity, ensuring protection from the elements and comfort during colder seasons.

3. Southern California Living at Its Best

NanaWall ClimaCLEAR residential glass walls in beach front home

This Dana Point, CA beach home optimizes water views from every floor. The individual panels of the frameless sliding glass wall allow the homeowner to customize the size of the opening with two, three, or more panels neatly stacked away to the side. ClimaCLEAR™ is the only fully transparent sliding system engineered for weather protection with transparent vertical seals between every panel—the ideal solution to protect against wind-driven rain and air infiltration.

4. A Vacationer’s Dream Airbnb

folding glass wall systems in hawaii vacation home

Described as a marriage of modern design and Hawaiian lodges, this stunning Waimea villa offers a peaceful waterside getaway. Every room of the house facing the water features opening residential glass walls that optimize views to dramatic sunsets and calming waves. Imagine cooking up a meal in this kitchen with the turquoise waters of Hawaii in the distance. Sign us up for the next vacation!

5. Villa Bodensee

large panel residential glass walls with ocean view

Luxury living doesn’t get better than this. Featuring floor to ceiling minimal sliding glass walls, views to the water are optimized on every floor. Despite their size, the panels easily glide on stainless steel tracks to completely open the home and extend the living area to the outdoors. For the homeowners, soaking up the summer sun while watching the boats floating by is nothing but an everyday routine.

6. A Hurricane Story

residentail glass walls for hurricane zones

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Atlantic in 2012, this Long Beach residence took extensive damage—except the impact-rated NanaWall SL73. The homeowners were so pleased with the performance of the opening glass wall that they installed an additional unit during the rebuilding process. They now enjoy bright and airy interiors and extensive views of the ocean with the security of two durable weather-performing folding glass wall systems specifically engineered for hurricane-prone zones.

7. Ocean Views in Every Room, Even the Bathroom

folding glass wall systems in bathroom design

With endless views of ocean waves and dramatic sunsets, this beach home makes the bathroom a worthy destination. Not only this but almost every room in the house features NanaWall SL70 folding glass walls systems that open up into an extensive deck for lounging by the water or additional entertaining space.

8. A Whimsical Oceanside Retreat

panoramic views through residential glass walls

This dreamy Connecticut oceanside escape was designed around the principle of the Shakkei, the centuries-old Japanese concept of the “borrowed landscape,” which is meant to “deny the constraints of man-made space and capture the expansive natural world beyond.” Thermally broken folding glass wall systems seemingly bring the water right into the house and facilitate a seasonal porch feel onto the ground level of the home.

9. Bright, Airy, and Bold

folding glass wall systems for hurricane zones

“When you walk into the room, it feels like you’re in a cruise ship,” says the homeowner when describing the main living area of this two-story beach home. The NanaWall folding glass wall system not only enhances ocean views but enables a bright and airy living area that brings out the bold pops of color spread out throughout the house.

10. Indoor/Outdoor Living by the Ocean

residential glass walls with ocean views

Imagine lounging in this cozy indoor/outdoor living space: a cool ocean breeze, the calming sound of crashing waves, and mood-boosting daylight all working together to provide utmost relaxation. As a next generation folding glass wall, the NanaWall NW Aluminum 640 was the perfect choice for this waterside dwelling with the slimmest aluminum frame available, ease of operation, and excellent weather performance.

Final Thoughts

Ready to elevate the beach home experience this Summer? Consider the benefits of easily operable residential glass walls to optimize indoor/outdoor lifestyles year-round. Engineered with durability and the homeowner’s needs in mind, these long-lasting opening glass wall solutions eliminate the need for constant maintenance and offer reliable performance against the elements in every climate. Better yet, opening glass walls are customizable to match all home aesthetics and lifestyles. So, how will you be leveraging opening glass wall systems at your beach home this season?

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