Reimagine Home with Unique Living Spaces

NanaWall is changing the way architects design, and how homeowners experience their living spaces.

NanaWall will open your living space to the outside world, flooding your living area with fresh air, natural light, and panoramic views. But when the seasons change, NanaWall continues to provide natural daylight and views while providing resistance to the outside elements.

Designed for New Builds or Remodeling Projects

New Builds, New Experiences

Designing a new home around NanaWall gives you a blank slate for the ultimate living environment, with a folding glass wall as an impressive centerpiece.

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Remodeled Homes, Reimagined Spaces

NanaWall can breathe new life into an existing home. Remodeled homes will benefit from more natural light, fresh air, and panoramic views.

Optimize Your Remodel Project

Innovative Systems for Every Room and Occassion

NanaWall can benefit every room in your home, be it a new build or a remodel. Whether you're looking to reinvigorate an existing living room, open your home to the outdoors, or let more light and fresh air in, no project is too big or small for NanaWall.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Mill Valley Remodel

These homeowners tackled an ambitious remodeling project with the goal of opening up and brightening an old 1940 Spanish Mediterranean home. Learn why they decided to make NanaWall the centerpiece of their new home and why that feature is so essential.

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Burnaby Residence

Embracing the stellar Vancouver views was one main design goal at this contemporary home. This was achieved by installing this edge-to-edge glass operable wall system.

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"I replaced some old, rotted wooden doors on hinges with these fabulous bi-folding ones. NanaWall makes these, and they are a wonderful way to make the inside one with the outside."

— Nicole Sassman, Homeowner

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