Acoustic Performance

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A modern conference room enclosed with acoustical all glass walls - closed exterior
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Modern conference room glass walls - opened exterior
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Designed for a Comprehensive Range of Sound Control

Uninterrupted visibility, with insulation from unwanted noise. With sound-enhanced engineering and various options for sound-controlled design, create the acoustic environment that best suits your space.

Specifying Your Sound Preferences

Matched to Your Specific Needs

In order to choose the best product, it is important to first determine what the optimum level of acoustical buffering is required for your space.

For simplification, we have segmented NanaWall sound-rated opening glass wall solutions into three categories

Lower Range Up to STC 35

Mid Range STC 36 - 42

High Range STC 43 - 45

Pairing Acoustic Control with Aesthetic Design

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Minimal Sound Transmission

Opening glass walls with acoustically separated framing, specialized gaskets, and sound enhanced glass make excellent, flexible acoustical barriers within interior space.

Single-Source Engineering

Each glass wall model is comprised of single-source components engineered for that particular system. This produces a higher quality product of lasting performance.

Sound-Enhanced Interlayer

NanaWall opening glass walls can be specified with various acoustic glass options from monolithic to sound enhanced laminated to double IGU to meet noise-reduction requirements.

Selecting a System to Match Your Space Planning Considerations

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Each panel of the glass wall system is connected together along a single track and folds unto itself to create wide, unobstructed openings.

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Our acoustically-rated top-hung single track sliding glass wall system provides a continuous glass aesthetic.

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Our frameless folding glass wall systems provide the most expansive views with unobstructed sightlines and a continuous glass aesthetic.

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Ultra-thin frames combined with NanaWall’s largest panel offering create maximum lines of sight and light-filled spaces.

Structural Considerations and Requirements

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Top-Hung Systems with Unlimited Opening Widths

Top-hung Opening glass walls are available in single track sliding, folding, and frameless options. These systems have capabilities of unlimited opening widths and ride in a single head track with options of floor tracks or no floor track. Most top-hung systems offer the ability to park the panel remotely out of the plain of the opening.

Floor Supported Systems that Offer Durability and Smoother Operation

Floor supported systems are available in both folding and minimal framed sliding options with different choices of floor tracks. The system's main weight is carried by the floor track. These systems are ideal for applications where the load-bearing capability of the header is a concern.

Acoustic Considerations and Controls

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While some sound control products require tools to crank and seal panels when closed, NanaWall acoustic glass walls offer the user ease of operation. Our products are engineered with roller systems and acoustic seals that do not require additional efforts when closing. It is important to note that when the STC requirements of the system go up, so does the weight of the glass used within the panel. Do not overload your specification requirements when the environment or surrounding conditions may not require the highest acoustical values.

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With a wide breadth of sound-rated opening glass walls, NanaWall offers aesthetic product options to interior architects and designers.

With a glass-to-frame ration of over 80% (or more with our Frameless product), glass choice adds to the aesthetics of the interior space. Glass options also include low iron, whiteboard, and a cool white or arctic snow colored interlayer for different levels of translucency and privacy.

Acoustic glass partitions provide versatility and flexibility within interior space to easily and aesthetically create private rooms.

Cost is determined by what level of acoustical privacy and which opening glass wall system is best suited for the location. With a range of products that achieve up to STC 45, it is important to only specify the product and acoustically enhanced glass type that you truly need for any given space. Do not overload the requirements when not necessary.

To achieve the desired acoustical control of any room, it is important that the sound-rated opening glass wall is properly installed and is matched and surrounded with comparable ceiling, walls, and floor.

Comparing Systems and Solutions

Acoustical Testing Results (Interior Applications Only)

* With head track recessed

Featured Solutions with Maximum Sound Control

NW Acoustical 645

NW Acoustical 645 is an award-winning product. Floor supported interior system for superior acoustical buffering able to achieve values up to unit STC 45.

NW Acoustical 545

NW Acoustical 545 is the first floor supported, wood framed folding glass wall able to achieve sound control up to an impressive unit STC 41.


Unlike traditional glass wall partitions, SL45 not only provides transparency but also flexibility and sound control within workplace interiors. Sound-rated SL45 has been acoustically tested to meet up to unit STC 35.


SL70 is an acoustic glass wall capable of reaching heights up to 12’ (3650 mm). Suitable for interior applications such as schools, offices, medical facilities and hospitality spaces, SL70 is sound-rated up to unit STC 42.


NanaWall HSW60 is aesthetically sophisticated capable of unlimited widths and unique shapes. Designed to complement interior spaces both visually and functionally, HSW60 is an acoustic sliding glass wall tested and rated up to unit STC 43.


PrivaSEE is the only all glass single track sliding system specifically engineered for acoustical sound privacy. This patented system achieves a unit STC 36.

cero II

For interiors, cero is a fully tested and sound rated minimal sliding glass wall capable of reaching sound control up to unit STC 43.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Dairy Farmers of America

By designing the conference room with PrivaSEE, this office achieved a space with a high degree of acoustic privacy, while maintaining a sense of openness.

See Case Study

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CompTIA Office

With "order and light" as the watchwords of the renovation project of the interior of CompTIA, KUBE set about finding ways to create a feeling of openness, while also providing privacy through sound attenuation.

See Case Study

“We selected NanaWall for two reasons: openness and flexibility. The owners desired privacy for conferences, and openness for gatherings—we achieved both with the use of a folding glass wall from NanaWall.”

— Janet Bloomberg, KUBE Architecture, Architect

See Case Study

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