Weather Performance

Systems to Weather Any Season or Climate

Bring comfort and clarity to your space, whatever the weather. Our glass wall solutions are precisely engineered to perform and protect in any season, temperature, or climate.

For High Heat, Extreme Cold, and Everything In-Between

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Unequalled Cold Weather Comfort

When closed, our thermal break design keeps the cold air outside while maintaining comfort inside, making our glass walls the first to achieve the Passive House Standard.

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Energy Efficient Heat Resistance

Unlike traditional glass, which can magnify the heat inside, our glass walls systems are available with different treatment options to keep the hot summer days at bay.

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Reliable Wind and Water Protection

Our glass wall systems are built for extreme rain and wind, and are tested through our impact rating system to perform in hurricane zones.

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Versatile Materials, Integrated Construction

All of our products and components are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, from snowy mountaintops to desert lowlands.

Our wood, aluminum and clad framing options are crafted for true energy efficiency to keep the interior insulated from outside elements.

All of the glass panes in our framed wall systems can be manufactured in different thicknesses and coated with varying levels of insulating glaze options.

Depending on where you build, there are certain regulations you'll need to consider when building with a NanaWall system.

There are so many building codes to keep straight; it’ll make your head spin. Architects and builders know this reality better than anybody. One rule they need to follow is building energy codes, which grow stricter as environmentally-conscious states demand energy-efficient and healthy buildings.

California Title 24 Energy Standards The Role of Climate in Architecture & Opening Glass Wall Projects

Specialized Solutions for Specific Environments

Based on our proprietary impact rating system, we offer products designed to withstand hurricane-like weather and wind-borne projectiles.

Hurricane Zones

Designed for our frameless systems, ClimaCLEAR is a fully transparent, structurally secure, weather-rated system for large openings.


Our track systems offer a range of weather resistant designs to impede water from penetrating the interior space.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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NW Clad 740 Folding patio doors performing on snow - closed exterior
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NW Clad 740 a modern living room with a large wood interior bifolding doors
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Whistler Residence

To highlight the mountain views at this Whistler BC location, a NanaWall Wood Framed Aluminum Clad WA67 was specified in six panels with a pair of swing panels at the center to function similarly to French doors when the system is closed.

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WD65 Restaurant wood folding glass designed for harsh weather
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ParkStone Wood Kitchen

The patrons of the ParkStone Wood Kitchen are not only treated to oak wood-grilled cuisine, but are surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing, performance-driven wall solution when Utah fall weather sets in.

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“Winter on Lake Erie is brutal. Our goal was a 3-season room—we achieved an air tight 4-season room. Last year, hail and 60 mph winds left homes along this lake front with severe window damage. The NanaWalls came through without a scratch.” 

— Barbara and Ralph D, Homeowners

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