Retractable Screens by Others

Durable Privacy and Insect Screens for Glass Walls

For environments that require seasonal bug control or if added privacy is desired, screen accessories are available to complement our folding and sliding glass wall systems. Available from Wizard Screens.

Fully Retractable Screening for Blended Spaces

Large spans present a unique challenge — how to enjoy the unobstructed view when the space is completely open while also being able to move inside and out without letting insects inside.

Works on Large Openings

The Horizon screen can be paired with extraordinarily large opening, up to 21 feet using a single screen or 42 feet when combining two screens.

Auto-Stop to Open at Any Width

With Horizon Screens, homeowners gain full control with the convenience of unlimited stopping points. Automatically stops when the handle is released.

Flexible Finish and Style Options

The frame comes in contemporary and traditional housing with a selection of standard colors. Custom color and wood grain options are also available.

Explore What is Made Possible with Screens

The screen frame is built using high grade aluminum and can even retract into the wall cavity, making your screening even more discreet and streamlined.

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